10 Ways to Stay Inspired During COVID19

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With stress and anxiety at all time high it is important to keep a positive  mental state and work on your mind. It is scientifically proven that stress hormones lower your immune system, making you more susceptible to diseases and illness. Stay on top of your thoughts and stay inspired with these tips: 

1) Daily Meditation 

The first 15 minutes of the day set the tone for your day. 

As you drift from sleep into awakening, keep your eyes shut for a little while longer and start observing your breath. Focus on breathing deep, and give attention to each of your senses waking up. Scan through your body in your mind and move through each body part slowly, giving it love and relaxation. Slowly open your eyes into a new day with gratitude for each day. 

2) Practice Gratitude 

In a time when we are all locked down in our homes it’s hard to acknowledge the beauty that still exists in your life. But it’s also a great time to notice the simple things we might have been taking for granted.

Make a list every day of the things you are grateful for. Your family, friends, human connections. Nature, the birds, the trees, fresh air, the sun. Your strong and healthy body, fighting every day for you. Your beating heart, working so hard to pump blood. And your brain, the most magnificent creative creation that can take your on a journey, now matter where you are.

Gratitude is a great stimulant for positive thoughts that can shift your entire vibration, elevating bliss.

3) Manage Your Thoughts 

Easy to say, harder to do, we know. But getting control over your thoughts is key for positive living regardless of your environment and circumstances.

Observe your thoughts and identify which ones are constructive and which ones are harming you. Worry, stress and anxiety add no value to your life and are useless. Get rid of negative thoughts as they pop up throughout the day and replace them with cultivating constructive thoughts. Hold on to visions, dreams, desires and memories that get you excited.

Just like every other pandemic history, this too shall pass. How you move through it will make all the difference.

4) Practice Self Love

Isolation can be a positive thing if you treat yourself right. Take extra long paths, light some scented candles, listen to music that you love, dance, read, laugh, and pamper yourself.

When you love yourself you can love others. And now more than ever before – the world needs love.

5) Eat Well & Sleep Well 

Create an in-home schedule that is as similar to your daily reality without a pandemic. Wake up early, get dressed, brew your coffee/tea, work out, go to work (at your home desk), and make sure to fuel your body right.

Being so close to the fridge at all times combined with anxiety can make you over eat. Keep tab on your meals, make sure they are full of the right nutrients and proteins, and limit snacking to your typical times. Make sure you get a good 7 hour sleep. Don’t over sleep and don’t stay up too late. There are great meditation apps that can help you dive into a peaceful night rest if you feel over stimulated.

6) Journal 

Keeping a daily journal of your thoughts, visions, goals, dreams and gratitude is an amazing practice for your mind, regardless of a pandemic. But now more than ever before commit to yourself and journaling to help you get through this. Writing will bring out of you access emotions and will clear your mind.

7) Watch What You Watch 

The news right now is your enemy. Limit your news intake to a few minutes a day, just to catch up but don’t let it consume you. Manage the time you allow news to take from you, and channel it to more entertaining and positively stimulating channels. This is a great time to download conscious streaming channels such as Gaia and enjoy uplifting and inspiring content that can change your life. Listen to inspiring podcasts, and watch videos that add to your life and lift up your spirit. Protect yourself from negative content by blocking and removing it from your social feed as it appears. Unfollow news channels and remove negative posts from your feed.

If you watch TV, tune into a good romcom or comedy act on Netflix.

8) Stay Active

Gyms and fitness centers have closed down but keep your body open for other creative fitness opportunities.

Take a walk outside, go hang out in nature for a bit, hike, walk, run, bike, and if you are quarantined in your home find workout videos and yoga to follow and move your body.

If you’re not a fitness junkie moving your body can be as easy as doing some stretches or putting some tunes on and dancing. Whatever it takes, make sure to move.

9) Travel The World, Virtually 

Instagram is a great place to travel the world without leaving your house. Go visit Italy, France, Greece and other places, all from the comfort of your couch. Put #italy in the Search box and escape. Especially now as they are being amazingly creative serenading through balconies and staying connected as a community. Truly inspiring to watch.

Watching foreign lands even virtually can stimulate and release serotonin in your brain and keep the positive vibes flowing.

10) Learn Something New

Whether it’s a new language or a new skill, the world wide web is at your fingertips. This is the time to take the cooking class you always wanted, or learn a new passion you were always curious about and simply had no time to incorporate into your life.

Lastly, don’t forget to Inspire others. Now more than ever before your friends and family need inspiration. Inspiring others through sharing your thoughts, feelings and creative ways of staying inspired will keep us all motivated through this time of pause and reflection.

Stay healthy. Stay Inspired. We are here for you.

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