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At the core of our mission to change lives, we hold science as our leading pathway to healing. We believe that addiction in all its forms starts with the brain – in our mind. While most facilities focus on therapy, we trust science and technology to lead the road. And as the only recovery center lead by a neurosurgeon, we know the ways of the brain like no other.

Addiction and the Brain

The core of recovery

Addiction and the Brain

The American Society of Addiction Medicine defines addiction as “a primary, chronic disease of brain reward, motivation, memory, and related circuitry.” With the recent rise in opioid abuse and overdose, which has quickly become a national health epidemic, scientists are focused increasingly on understanding the science behind addiction and its effect on the brain, in hopes of finding new ways to treat and ultimately prevent the disease from occurring.


Founded by a neurosurgeon, Inspire Palm Beach is focused on seeking new ways to shift brain waves and brain activities towards recovery.

Dr. Chaim Colen

Dr. Chaim B. Colen is CEO, Cofounder, Neurosurgeon, Author, Educator, Eclectic Artist, Entrepreneur and Medical IT Guru. He is a visionary and has transformed traditional medical therapies through the introduction of innovative ideas. He is past national chair of the Young Physicians Representative Section of the Council of State Neurosurgical Societies (CSNS).


Founding Inspire Palm Beach for him was a life long mission. After working hands on with the brain, seeing patterns in addiction and researching therapies and solutions, he brought to life a creative mix of methodologies to address addiction using science, holistic medicine and CBD, developing a new generation facility, beyond what was ever done before.

Dr. Chaim B. Colon


Brain Science vs. Traditonal Therapy

The Power of the Mind

Brain Science vs. Traditional Therapy

Research shows that increased levels of a neuroplasticity protein in the brain, called brain-derived neurotrophic factor (Bdnf), drive goal-oriented behavior. In contrast, stress or developmental trauma may lead to atrophy of the OFC neurotrophin systems, which in turn can lead to increased habitual behavior, such as drug seeking, that becomes predominant over goal-directed behavior. Targeting these molecular systems may serve as a promising adjunct to behavioral therapies aimed at suppressing or reversing habitual thought or behavioral patterns seen in addiction.


We believe that healing the brain and rewiring new neuro pathways is the answer, in addition to and beyond traditional therapy methods.


Join us in the journey to eliminate addiction where it starts – in the brain.


Let’s try something different, as 10% recovery is not enough, and should never be.


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