Inspire Palm Beach is the first and only Neuro Science Based Healing & Recovery facility in Palm Beach, Florida.

Founded by renown neurosurgeon, Dr. Chaim Colen, our mission is collective reprograming of the cognitive mind to shift addiction recovery rates using proprietary neuroscience methodologies.


It’s known that addiction starts in our brain and healing and recovery requires rewiring of existing neuro-pathways while creating new ones.


We begin by evaluating current brain architecture through brain mapping techniques. We then address and reverse individual health and substance abuse challenges through a fully immersed experience that is completely hands-on, utilizing cutting-edge, new-age technologies.


Beyond traditional therapy methods, the field of neuroscience and its affect on addiction recovery has been under-explored. We at Inspire Palm Beach pursue new paths that haven’t been fully exploited.


From our cutting edge technologies, individualized brain sculpting programs, new age therapies, CBD treatments, mind coaching sessions, medical therapies and holistic activities, to the organic linen sheets in your private room, fresh squeezed cold-pressed juices and wholesome nutrients filled food, we will shift your entire being towards healing and everlasting recovery.



Dr. Colen

Dr. Chaim B. Colen is CEO, Cofounder, Neurosurgeon, Author, Educator, Eclectic Artist, Entrepreneur and Medical IT Guru. He is a visionary and has transformed traditional medical therapies through the introduction of innovative ideas. He is past national chair of the Young Physicians Representative Section of the Council of State Neurosurgical Societies (CSNS). He has very diverse talents; strong interest in entrepreneurship, medical device innovation, HIPAA compliance, medical advocacy and legislation, medical cannabis, substance abuse detoxification, real estate investments and new business enterprise. He is an international speaker, has authored several scholarly books, journal articles, and has held many TV interviews including on the Today’s Show and Discovery Channel.


Limor Ben Ari

Limor is a marketing executive with over 20 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies, large ad agencies and start-ups. She’s been working with holistic and integrative health & wellness companies for the past decade, including: Beyond Health International, The Suzanne Somers Integrative health TV show on Lifetime television, 21st Century Health, ONDAMED biofeedback technology, Harmonial CLAS Therapy, ReshapeLive with Ali Landry, Life Extension Foundation, Raw Juce, and many more.

In recent years Limor has transitioned into learning mind power techniques like NLP, adding to her experience with neuro-marketing strategies and storytelling through marketing and personal coaching.

She is a contributor writer for SocialMediaToday, a speaker and a frequent guest co-host at The Traveling Investor radio show. She is the founder of,, and the inspirational fashion line


Estee Bernstein

Esteé Bernstein is one of our interior designers. A native of wine country, Napa, California, she moved to New York City to pursue her career in high-fashion and design. There she worked with high-profile clients and companies while mastering the art of business. She will always be a big-time city girl at heart, but finds succor in the naturale, which she incorporates into her projects.


Entrepreneur at heart, she enjoys development of new business, strategizing untapped niches in new ventures. Working alongside with her partner, Dr. Colen; they have unveiled an unseen luxury rehabilitative brand, INSPIRE, a medically inspirational, trend setting marqué in the addiction field. When creating that design alchemy notable at INSPIRE, Esteé and Dr. Colen embrace pre-existing remnants of the building’s architecture, fusing together various elements of raw and internationally sourced materials to create that minimalist, organic, bright, and airy look. Vertical plant walls, linen furnishings and natural white teak wood generate that organic conversion. Based on the concepts of simplicity and creativity they believe that healing is unsurpassed when one is in a peaceful and natural environment. Together these concepts harmoniously bring the charm of nature into glitzy Palm Beach, yet in a relaxed and natural medical setting.


Richard Costello

Richard Costello was born and raised in Florida. His first year of college, he attended Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida where he studied Christian values. He then went on to the University of South Carolina where he received his Bachelors Degree in Sociology with an emphasis on how drugs and alcohol affect our society. He also played college baseball while attending USC.  He has worked in the substance use disorder field for the past seven years helping those struggling with addiction find their best life in recovery. Richard lives on the beach in Fort Pierce, Florida with his dog Buddy.


The full time care, supportive structure and safe environment provided by our residential detox program at Inspire Palm Beach ensures that recovery guests get the one on one attention they need within a distraction-free space focused solely on their healing and recovery.

During your stay, you will be paired with your very own personal valet to take care of your travel arrangements and any other questions or concerns. You will receive round trip airport transportation on monitored community trips and excursions. Additionally, your valet will be the person who acclimates you to the facility and helps you through your schedule on your initial day at Inspire Palm Beach.


A beautiful, spacious facility designed with comfort and opulence in mind while you begin your journey in sobriety. The Inspire Palm Beach facility was fashioned after the most luxurious spas in the world.


Your home away from home. Each guest is provided a private and cozy living area in an inviting environment where they can safely relax and rest in a holistic, with a private room, shower and bathroom. Your private suite is the place to read, work on your assignments, relax or just watch mindfully programed television in privacy while you stay at Inspire Palm Beach.



1803 South Australian Avenue,
West Palm Beach, FL 33409